Reduce Your Electricity Bill – Tips From an Electrician Servicing Neutral Bay

Reduce Your Electricity Bill - Tips From and Electrician Servicing Neutral Bay

Reduce Your Electricity Bill – Tips From an Electrician Neutral Bay

There are a lot of ways to reduce your electricity bill, from habitual adjustments to home improvements. The two main reasons for conserving energy are to save on utility usage and environmental protection. In this article, we’ll take a look at ways on how to reduce your electricity bill, and save the environment.

Your electricity bill includes several costs. Electricity companies charge you with fixed charges and variable charges. The fixed charge is a daily fee that covers costs connected to having an active electricity connection, while the variable charge is directly influenced by how and when you use power and what kind of energy contract you pick.

How do you start saving?

You need to get informed. Know how much you can save, and find out the reason behind the electricity bill increase, as well as home and lifestyle factors affecting your electricity bill.

You need to be organised. Managing your energy use by analysing your bill and finding out energy consuming factors in your home so you’ll know when and where to start saving.

You need to start saving by comparing electricity and gas retailers in your area and computing the price of using energy-efficient and energy-saving appliances and knowing when to use them.

Ways to reduce your electricity bill

Hot water
Hot water is one of the biggest sources of energy usage in your home. Almost 25% of household energy use is caused by hot water. The best way to reduce your energy usage on hot water is to have an off-peak storage hot water system.

Using an off-peak hot water system heats during the off-peak time of the day, and stored, and used when you need it. However, the off-peak hot water system is only available with a few electric hot water systems and energy providers so you’ll need to inquire with your energy retailer if you can use this option.


Thermostats are usually a huge energy use factor in our homes. Every degree increase or decrease can affect your energy use by 5% and 10%. Close doors in your house to cool or heat the rooms you’re using.

If you’re using an air conditioner or a heater, choose and purchase an energy-efficient appliance so you can monitor your energy usage.


Appliances contribute around 30% of the energy usage in your home. If you have more than one fridge and freezer, turn them off when not needed and try to consider getting rid of those as they contribute more energy usage in your home.

If you also have a dryer in your home, consider saving energy and hang them on the clothesline.


Reducing the use of energy means reducing the cost of your electricity bill, which makes Mother Nature and your wallet happy. I hope this article has taught you tips on how to save energy, and reduce the cost of your monthly electricity bill.

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