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Safety Inspections

Conducting Safety Inspections on electrical equipment and wiring in your home/property or business is an important step in reducing the risks of electrical fires, electric shocks/burns, and impending breakdowns.

Saunders Electrical Group can provide you with a Safety Inspection and identify potential hazards which may lead to fire or electric shock to your family/friends or work colleagues.

Some of the things we check include:

  • Old halogen downlights can become a fire hazard as they deteriorate with age
  • Safety switch protection
  • Surge protection
  • Old/damaged electrical outlets and switches
  • Smoke alarm compliance, these should be tested every month and replaced every 10 years
  • Sufficient lighting in hallways and stairwells
  • Any cords which may present a trip hazard
  • Water damage to interior/exterior light fittings or electrical outlets
  • Testing & Tagging of electrical appliances
  • And much more

Get in touch with us to book your Safety Inspection today.