What is an Electrical Safety Check? 

An electrical safety check covers all areas of your home that use electricity. A certified electrician will check the grounding and bonding of circuits, branch circuits within the building, wiring methods, and connected devices. 

The electrical safety check revolves around the electrical panel or switchboard. It’s important to know which fuse or switch controls the corresponding light or outlet. An electrical safety inspector will also check the home’s light fixtures, extension cords, grounding of appliances, wiring in the cabinets, and much more. 

Hiring a qualified electrician to do an exhaustive electrical safety check helps ensure everything in your home is up to code and complies with legal regulations. Also, it gives you peace of mind that everything is functioning correctly. Contact us today for a comprehensive electrical safety check done by certified electricians.

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Why Do I Need an Electrical Safety Check?

No one wants to have electrical-related accidents happen in their home. By not having an electrical safety check, you risk the lives of your family, as well as risk losing all your belongings in an electrical-related fire. Many things impact the safety of the home’s electrical circuit, such as age, usage, the installation of new appliances and devices, and more. 

Find out the electrical hazards that could be lurking in a new home you plan to buy or currently live in with an electrical safety inspection. A comprehensive electrical safety check gives you all the information you need to keep your family and home safe. Remember, hazards can be costly to repair and dangerous to your family if not fixed.

Reasons Why You May Need an Electrical Safety Check 

Though you may not realise, the home you intend to buy or live in currently could have many problems that call for an electrical inspection. Here are some potential safety hazards that could mean you’re due for a check with Saunders Electric Group. 

  • It’s been a long time since your last electrical safety check. If your home is more than 25 years old and you haven’t had an electrical inspection, it’s highly advised that you get one done. 
  • The wiring in your house is old. Old wiring is one of the top causes of accidental electrical fires. 
  • Some equipment has been operating erratically. If you’re having intermittent power outages with appliances, it could mean there’s an electrical problem. Similarly, if your appliances are more than 5 years old, you may want to get them checked by an electrician.
  • You’re selling your home. Buyers will want to see that you’ve recently done an electrical safety inspection if you’re selling your house. It gives them peace of mind and adds to the home’s value if you’ve already gotten an assessment.

Book Today and Receive a FREE Safety Inspection!

You read that right, no matter what type of electrical service you need, we will give you a FREE Safety Inspection at your home or office when you book TODAY! 

As a family-run and owned business, we value loyalty and want to be your tried and trusted electrician.

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Are You At Risk Of An Electrical Fire? 

Many homeowners may not realise it, but many factors can create a hazard in your home. Here are some of the most common causes of electrical fires and accidents. 

  1. Faulty or decaying wiring. Wiring only lasts so long—if your home is over 50 years old and hasn’t had the wiring replaced, it’s a good idea to get a safety check.  
  2. There’s a burnt smell in the room. Have you ever had a persistent burnt smell in your home? If you can’t find the source, it could mean it’s behind the walls. It could be because of a short circuit caused by a loose connection or outdated wiring. 
  3. The circuit breaker keeps tripping. The circuit cuts off the flow of electricity to prevent overheating. If it keeps tripping, it’s a warning sign telling you appliances are causing an overload, there’s a short somewhere, or the circuit breaker has gone bad. 
  4. No earthing. Earthing is critical and can be expensive to replace in a home. Some older homes also have faulty earthing, which is like a time bomb waiting to explode. 
  5. Lack of safety switches. To comply with AS3000 Standards, all electrical switchboards must have RCD’s or safety switches. 

If you experience any of these warning signs, contact Saunders Electric Group right away. The leading cause of electrical fires is short circuits, which a qualified electrician can quickly identify. We’re happy to provide an initial safety inspection at no cost to you.

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Appliance Installation Sydney
Electrical Safety Check
Electrical Safety Check
Electrical Safety Check

What to Expect from an Electrical Safety Check from Saunders? 

At Saunders Electric Group, our work is done by Fully Accredited Master Electricians that use a strict Active Safety System. The check covers every aspect of the electrical components within the property you intend to purchase or existing home. Here is what’s included in an electrical safety check: 

  • Inspection of all wiring in the property, including the roofing and the flooring. 
  • Electrical switchboard inspection to check for faulty wiring, fuses and safety switches that comply with AS3000 Standards. 
  • Inspecting all power points and switches to see if there’s damage.  
  • Inspection of all lighting in the roof and insulation clearance. 
  • Check the earthing or the system that connects parts of the electric power system to the ground. 
  • Check that smoke detectors are functioning correctly. 
  • Provide a full report and quote for repairs after the electrical safety check. 

FAQs for Electrical Safety Checks

How much does an electrical safety check cost? 

An electrical safety check can cost anywhere from $100 to $150 per session. The cost of the electrical inspection also depends on factors such as the home or building size. After the check, you’ll receive a repair and updates estimate. 

When do I know it’s time for an electrical safety check? 

It’s highly recommended to get an electrical safety inspection when you’re buying a home, selling a home, doing a major renovation project, or have added large appliances in the last few years. Alternatively, a routine electrical inspection is a good idea every 25 years or so since wiring can go bad and cause short circuits. 

Need an electrical safety check for your home? Contact us today for a free safety inspection! 

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