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Speak to Saunders Electrical Group for a reliable and trusted electrical service that augments the safety of your property. And because we want to be your tried and trusted electrician in Manly Vale, we’ll give you a FREE Safety Audit at your office or home when you book with us. 

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It pays to take the time to do a bit of research to find the right electrician in your area. Someone who takes pride in their work and carries out safe work practices, all with a smile on their face is well worth the investment.

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Electrocutions and other electric injuries can lead to the loss of lives. It is that plain. Attempting a DIY to your electrical problems may put away some money. However, this fascinating thought is just not worth the risk when you can guarantee everyone’s safety with service from a professional electrician in Manly Vale

Electrical work is difficult, which is best left to the experts to prevent some of these risks:

Electrical Fires – Electrical glitches from imperfect repairs can cause property fires. And DIY electrical work can easily imply defective or exposed cabling. A problem like that can result in a short circuit, potentially causing an electrical fire. 

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Electric Shocks – When undertaking electric repairs in person, you put yourself at high risk of electrocution. In some cases, it can be a minor electrical shock. High-voltage electrocution, on the other hand, can be disastrous and even cause deaths. Watch out for higher-voltage appliances like your oven. Only a slight mistake when handling these installations can result in a fatal electric shock.

Unrated Services – Qualified electrical contractors have the right training and licensing that safeguards them and all occupants throughout the repairs. Any repairs you undertake as an unlicensed and untrained wireman may land you in problems. A licensed electrician in Manly Vale will save you the hassle plus lower the risks that come with handling faulty electrical systems. 

Unforeseen Hazards – With the walls of your property sit various electrical components. You may not know the exact schematics of that system. There are probably wide-ranging hidden connections. And if disturbed, they can lead to potential fires and the likelihood of surprise electrocutions. Certified electricians will install your cables in safe areas to prevent accidents. 


Get a Trusted Electrician in Manly Vale

Save your business or home the risk of electric danger or needless repair expenses by speaking to Saunders Electrical Group for all your electrical needs including electrical safety inspections. We put a strong focus on high-end service and a positive customer experience. 

Our consistent electrical services range from surge protection and appliance installations to switchboard upgrades & replacements and more. As a family-owned and managed company, loyalty is king. Our electrical team is both passionate and skilful. They will apply their expertise to your electric faults while offering the best guidance and establishing the right solutions throughout the process. We are this confident because we invest in regular refresher training to provide technicians who are always ahead of the industry. 

Book Today and Receive a FREE Safety Inspection!

You read that right, no matter what type of electrical service you need, we will give you a FREE Safety Inspection at your home or office when you book TODAY! 

As a family-run and owned business, we value loyalty and want to be your tried and trusted electrician.

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Electrician Manly Vale
Electrician Manly Vale
Electrician Manly Vale
Electrician Manly Vale
Electrician Manly Vale
Electrician Manly Vale

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