What is an Electrical Switchboard?

Many homeowners never stop to think about their electric switchboard until something goes wrong. By definition, it’s a device that directs electricity from one or more sources to several smaller regions of use. It looks like a series of panels, each of which has switches that allow electricity to flow through the circuits. 

The purpose of an electrical switchboard is to allow electricity to be redirected and provide current protection. Since powerful currents are running through the switchboard, safety fuses and switches protect the user from electrocution. Usually, the switchboard is located outside of the home next to the meter box or outside your front door. In apartments, they might be in the kitchen cabinet above the fridge. 

If you’re looking into switchboard upgrades, it’s likely because your switchboard is outdated. Older switchboards have porcelain fuses, which aren’t as safe as RCD’s or safety switches. Having updated fuses is essential to preventing electrocution and keeping homeowners safe. 

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Older switchboards can also get very expensive when it comes to repairs. If you can’t quickly identify where a fault is on the switchboard or rewire the fuses yourself, you’ll have to call your local electrician. If you’re paying by the hour, you’ll be hard-pressed to know that it can take much longer to identify where a fault is with older switchboards. On newer ones with circuit breakers and RCD’s, fixing the problem is much faster and cheaper!

Situations Where You May Need a Switchboard Upgrade

  • Building an add-on to your home. If you’re building an extension such as a granny flat, garage, or next-level extension, your power consumption will increase. This increase will place your older switchboard under greater pressure, which could cause a fault or blown-out fuse. It’s better to have an electrician inspect your switchboard before building the extension. 
  • No safety switches on the current switchboard. According to new electric wiring laws, every domestic circuit must have an RCD or safety switch placed on it for added protection. 


  • Problems such as flickering lights. If you’re frequently experiencing intermittent power loss, it could mean something is wrong with your electrical switchboard. You’re likely in need of a switchboard upgrade in this case. 
  • Installing more electrical equipment. Extra equipment, such as airconditioning units and large kitchen appliances, will demand more power. You might need to upgrade to three-phase power if you install more devices such as A/C units, ovens, stoves, or induction cooktops.
  • Wired fuses on your switchboard. Though many people don’t know it, wired fuses are extremely dangerous. Many people may place the wrong sized wire to replace a blown wire, putting the whole electrical system at risk.

Why Do Switchboards Need to be Upgraded? 

Without proper RCD’s or safety switches, your safety as a homeowner could be at serious risk! The switchboard is the heart of your home’s electrical system, so if it’s not up to date, it could cause a disaster in your home or business. Even if your older switchboard is functional, it may be unsafe and sub-standard. 

As we use more technology and electricity, it’s harder for older switchboards to handle increasing loads. Also, older switchboards rarely have RCD’s, which is why you may need switchboard upgrades.

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Are You at Risk for Electrocution or Fires in 2021? 

Risk of Fires 

House fires are another severe risk with older electric switchboards. Fires can spring up from loose terminations in the fuse holders. Normal vibrations in buildings and on the ground cause the screws to come loose in the switchboard. When the screws loosen, there’s arcing between the cable and the terminal. The arc then burns back up the cable, spreads to the other wires, and a massive fire can happen if the fire goes through the wall moulding and the roof. 

Unfortunately, we at Saunders Electric Group have seen fires happen as a result of older electrical switchboards. Don’t let this happen to you—look into our affordable switchboard upgrades today! 

Risk of Electrocution 

Residual Current Devices (RCD’s), also known as safety switches, are modern devices that protect against electrocution. An RCD is the homeowner’s last line of defence against electrocution because of the instant shutoff mechanism. 

On older switchboards, the circuit breaker won’t automatically trip in the event of human contact. However, RCD’s measure the current flowing in and out of the circuit and trip instantly in .04 seconds if there’s an electricity leakage. This instant tripping can save your life in case of an emergency. A switchboard upgrades to one with RCD’s can be scheduled today through Sanders Electric Group.

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switchboard Upgrade
switchboard Upgrade
switchboard Upgrade
switchboard Upgrade
switchboard Upgrade

What to Expect from a Switchboard Upgrade from Saunders? 

At Saunders Electric Group, we strive to be completely transparent about our work process. After the initial safety inspection, we do the following for switchboard upgrades: 

  1. The installation of a new switchboard enclosure or load centre. 
  2. A new RCD or safety switch will be installed to protect every circuit in compliance with the AS3000/2019 wiring regulation. 
  3. A new earth electrode for switchboards that don’t currently have a main earth. 
  4. A certificate of electrical compliance for your records. 

FAQs for Switchboard Upgrades 

How much do electrical switchboard upgrades cost? 

The cost can vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. Apartments tend to be cheaper since there are fewer circuits and the main earthing is already in place. Houses, on the other hand, can be more expensive if extra earthing is needed. 

When do I know it’s time for a switchboard upgrade? 

Many scenarios may require a switchboard upgrade, such as adding a new section of your home or having an outdated switchboard. Schedule a safety inspection with us so we can give our professional opinion. 

Will I receive an electrical certificate of compliance from Saunders Electric Group? 

Yes, we’ll provide you with a certificate of electrical compliance in accordance with the law. 

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