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When you work with a professional team of electricians, they will assess your property for proper overheads of street-based cabling. This includes ensuring all connections at the point-of-attachment are enclosed properly and protected. The family-run business at Saunders Electrical Group prides itself in a highly skilled team of licensed and qualified sub-contractors and electricians in Kenthurst

Our staff will make sure you have adequate protection from surges. We also confirm that your safety switches and circuit breakers are correctly sized. A wrap-up of the electrical safety audit certifies that your earthing system measures up to safety standards. 

Speak to Saunders Electrical Group for reliable, fast, and pocket-friendly electrical services. We’ll give you a FREE Safety Audit at your office or home when you book with us.

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Electricity is an essential part of your home activities or commercial and industrial work. Even so, it is vulnerable to problems. Consequently, you will require electrical repairs. Whether you plan to undertake a major electrical supply with a range of new installations or a minor repair, it’s vital to hire a reputable electrician in Kenthurst

If you’re like most people you probably enjoy doing simple repairs at home on your own. Or maybe, you are like others who outsource the work to untrained handymen. Keep in mind that electrical jobs involve inherent risks, some of which can be fatal. 

That’s why it’s imperative to contract qualified and skilled technicians from a licensed electrical contractor. Trustworthy companies like Saunders Electrical Group provide an extensive selection of services ranging from Power-point relocation to property safety inspections, residential and commercial appliance installations. 

Here are three imperative features that make working with trusted electrical contractors compelling:


You don’t want to be messing around with an electrical job. Any electric defect must be handled to the set standards. Note that shoddy work no matter how small can pose a significant safety risk to you and the occupants of your property. Anyone lacking proper electrical knowledge is a potential hazard when it comes to handling electricity, particularly for complex wiring projects. The dangers include shocks and electrocutions, both of which can cause death. 

This is why we bring you an A-grade team of electricians servicing residential and commercial customers in Sydney without compromising safety standards. Obviously, you’ll spend more to hire a qualified electrician in Kenthurst than with a regular technician. When you work with a licensed electrical company, you stand to benefit from quality work guarantees and warranties. For example, all our services are backed by a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. 

Saving You Time and Money 

Undertaking a DIY electrical job to save money is a common misconception among homeowners. However, this is far from the reality. Imagine what would happen if you get hurt whilst attempting to fix an electrical fault in your house. You will be left with higher expenditure on hospital bills. 

Also, electrical problems can easily damage some of your expensive appliances. Even more, a slight mistake might lead to a fire that consumes all your investments. To avoid these issues, hire a trusted and competent electrical company. You will not only get high-end services but also save money. The reason is that you have limited knowledge about electrical systems and components. Eventually, you could waste time and money replacing parts that probably didn’t need to be fixed. 

Solve any Electric Complications 

Electrical experts can handle all kinds of electric issues. Apart from having proper training, they have spent several years working on similar jobs. Saunders Electrical Group has been in the industry for over a decade. Besides, to bring our technicians up to speed with the latest in the industry we provide them with regular refresher courses. 

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You read that right, no matter what type of electrical service you need, we will give you a FREE Safety Inspection at your home or office when you book TODAY! 

As a family-run and owned business, we value loyalty and want to be your tried and trusted electrician.

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electricians in Kenthurst
electricians in Kenthurst.
electricians in Kenthurst.

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