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Talking of incentives, we are Beacon Lighting’s favourite electrical contractor. Our clients receive the following perks: 

>> Receive a prolonged warranty for all Saunders-installed ceiling fans bought from Beacon Lighting. 

>> Earn a 25% discount off Retail Recommended Price for all products from Beacon Lighting. 

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We value your business and look to be your tested and trusted electrician in Norwest. That’s why we offer you a FREE Safety Inspection at your home or business if you book with us.

Commercial Electrician Sydney

Even DIYer enthusiasts who delightedly undertake tiling, plumbing, or carpentry jobs will stop short of taking on their own electrical projects. That’s certainly a smart move. Dealing with electricity is risky so it’s always a good idea to hire a specialised commercial or residential electrician in Norwest

However, safety is not the only reason to go for an expert electrical technician. As electrical contractors with over 10 years of experience in the industry, we’ll highlight what a residential electrician does, plus the perks of contracting one for your next project. 

What to Expect From A Competent Residential Electrician

Residential electric contractors are highly trained technicians who install and maintain the wiring and components that distribute electricity in our apartments, homes, and other buildings. A skilled residential electrician should be able to: 

  • Install new lighting, wiring, and other electrical parts 
  • Read and interpret technical blueprints and drawings 
  • Diagnose and fix defective electrical systems and wiring 
  • Inspect electrical devices to verify correct and safe functioning 
  • Ensure homes and office buildings satisfy electrical systems and safety guidelines


8 Benefits of Hiring a Specialised Residential Electrical Technician in Norwest

Here are eight good reasons to contract a residential electrician in Norwest for your next repair or new project:

  • Correct Tools – A residential electrician has the right tools and equipment to ensure your job is done properly. It helps to reduce the possibility of damage while decreasing the time it will take to complete your work.  
  • Expert Guidance – Your technician can endorse the most effective materials, tell you how to save energy, and ensure your optimal comfort and security don’t cost a premium. 
  • Expertise – Becoming a licensed electrical technician means undertaking rigorous training, tests, audits, and an exhaustive internship. So, if your electrician is accredited, then you can rest assured that they have the knowledge and experience to do your job right. 
  • Guaranteed Service – Any competent residential electrician will certify their work. You can rest assured they won’t vanish after completing your work. Things can sometimes go wrong thereafter, and if they do, they will be back to rectify it. Remember, electrical contractors, need your repeat business plus recommendations to your friends and family. Look out for an electrician that assures you the best customer service possible. 
  • Safety – Your registered residential electrician in Norwest will be up to speed on the latest safety codes, regulations, and standards. It is their only way of doing things, and you can be certain they won’t cut corners. Avoiding shortcuts guarantees your safety and that of your family. 
  • Liability – Even if you take all precautions, something can still go wrong. You could damage your property, for instance, or get injured in the process. A certified electrician, on the other hand, will have liability coverage. Therefore, you won’t have to be responsible for paying medical expenses or extra repairs. At Saunders Electrical Group, for example, we guarantee any service with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. 
  • Permits – Certain electrical jobs require a licensed electrical contractor to apply for the necessary permit before commencing the project. Without proper authorisation, you risk the city stopping the work or issuing fines. Moreover, if you ever sell that property, you will need to show the work done and provide the permits to demonstrate to prove that it was properly done. 
  • Surety Bond – With an accredited electrical contractor, you get a surety bond. It is a pledge that you will receive an agreed amount of money for non-completed work. You either get the job impeccably done or receive appropriate recompense for the inconvenience. 

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You read that right, no matter what type of electrical service you need, we will give you a FREE Safety Inspection at your home or office when you book TODAY! 

As a family-run and owned business, we value loyalty and want to be your tried and trusted electrician.

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Electrical Services in Norwest
Electrical Services in Norwest
Electrical Services in Norwest
Electrical Services in Norwest
Electrical Services in Norwest
Electrical Services in Norwest

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