Electrical Appliance Repairs in Sydney – Are They Expensive? 

Electrical Appliance Repairs in Sydney

The cost of electrical appliance repairs in Sydney varies by type and age of the appliance, plus what needs fixing. Overall, expect to spend between $50 and $500 for professional electrical appliance repair services in Sydney. Paying an average of five hundred dollars for periodic inspections and repairs of appliances that serve you well is quite reasonable. 

This is because appliance repair costs will vary according to the appliance you want to fix. A fridge will be costlier to fix than a toaster, for example. Plus, if well-maintained, you may potentially spend $50 to fix an appliance. 

Let’s use these five home appliances to show you that electrical appliance repairs in Sydney are not expensive, provided you work with trusted local electricians. Meanwhile, check out our ultimate guide to home electrical safety to keep your loved ones safe. 

Your Freezer and Fridge

electrical appliance repairs sydney

Top on our list of home appliances that commonly need electrical repairs is the fridge or refrigerator. Fridge and freezer repairs usually peak in the hot summer weather, when these appliances are overworking to keep food cool. Also, the fridge and freezer are the most expensive appliances to repair. Therefore, if you have an older model, you’ll want to spare between $500 to $1000 for these two appliances during warmer months, just in case.


Freezer repairs cost $350 on average. Common repair issues include damaged or dusty coils, broken ice makers, and insufficient cooling. A rule of thumb is to contact a certified electrician to periodically inspect and service your fridge. This helps to prevent major repairs and maintain reasonable running costs. 


As with your freezer, the fridge is another big-ticket repair. Average refrigerator repairs cost $250. You’ll commonly experience insufficient cooling, faulty ice maker, noise, and leakage issues with your refrigerator. 

Here are the average costs for the common repairs:

  • Freezer ice maker repairs – $350 or more
  • Fridge seal replacement – $50 to $60 per part, inclusive of labour 
  • Normal fridge and freezer combo – $200 to $400
  • Specialty wine fridge – $200 to $500 

Keep in mind the age and efficiency of your refrigerator when planning repairs. If it is 10 years or below, it is worthwhile to have it serviced. Overall, less than 10 years old refrigerators are efficient enough to warrant getting repaired. If it’s fifteen years or older, you’ll want to go for the efficiency boost of a modern refrigerator and replace the existing one. 

Your Oven and Cooktop

electrical appliance repairs sydney

Worn oven and cooktop parts make the two appliances more difficult to run. If neglected, your appliance may stop working when you need it the most. That’s why it is essential to use a professional electrician for your electrical appliance repairs in Sydney. Appliance repair companies can make various repairs to ensure your oven and cooktop run efficiently.  


It is one of the most common appliances in Australian homes with an average repair cost of $230. A good oven should serve you for 10 to 15 years. However, when it breaks down, customers frequently cite these reasons:

  • It won’t turn on 
  • It does not heat properly 
  • It produces a foul odour

To be safe, set aside up to $500 for potential repairs since expenses can surpass the $230 average. 


Like your oven, good quality cooktops can last between 10 and 15 years. During this time, it will incur maintenance and repair costs. On average, you will spend $260 per repair. Since your cooktop gets a lot of use, it pays to shop for quality and reliability. 

Below are the common repair types plus related average costs for your oven and cooktop:

  • Control board – between $150 and $300
  • Ignition – between $150 and $250
  • Oven paint – between $100 and $250
  • Thermostat – between $100 and $200
  • Oven door – between $100 and $250

Your Dishwasher

electrical appliance repairs sydney

It is not as expensive to repair as your refrigerator, oven, and cooktop. Still, your dishwasher works hard and becomes less efficient with time. When finally, your dishwasher breaks down, you’ll need about $200 for professional repairs to restore its efficiency. And if your dishwasher is as industrious as other kitchen appliances, you’ll want to budget for these repairs:

  • Occasional spray arms’ replacements 
  • Servicing blocked pumps
  • Replacing worn belts that eventually snap
  • Fixing faulty pressure system 
  • Occasionally replacing door gaskets

Dishwashers help to keep our dishes clean. A well-maintained appliance will not fail you when you need it. Therefore, consider reliability in your purchase decision. It will help to keep your dishwasher repair costs down. 

Your Washing Machine

electrical appliance repairs sydney

Running your washing machine costs between 24 cents and 1.27 dollars per cycle. The cost partly varies by the energy efficiency of respective machines. However, a well-serviced washing machine should be less costly to run than a neglected washer with worn or broken parts. On average, it might cost you $220 to repair a faulty washer. 

Also, don’t forget that replacing washing machines is a costly investment. To avoid this expense, call a professional appliance repair service to make these common dishwasher fixes:

  • Repair or replace the worn or wobbly drum
  • Fix a defective spin cycle
  • Repair or replace the faulty fan motor 
  • Repair or replace door hinges and doors

You may also notice other problems such as:

  • Odour resulting from the buildup of moisture or mildew
  • Leakages  
  • Disrupted appliance power system
  • Faulty drum 
  • Washer not draining properly 

A qualified electrical appliance repair company should offer free safety inspection for a washer that needs repairs or servicing. They’ll check for potential defects in the belts, pump, and other components and advise you accordingly. 

Your Clothes Dryer

clothes dryer

Your clothes dryer is costlier to run than the washing machine. A standard 5-9-kilogram dryer will need between 65 cents and 1.66 dollars to run each cycle. The dryer repair cost is average $200. So, you don’t want inefficient appliances that add unnecessary expenses with every use. For example, a faulty heating element or thermostat can create multiple other problems in your clothes dryer.

Common dryer repair issues you’ll want a professional to fix include: 

  • Not heating properly 
  • Burning smell 
  • Broken drum 
  • No power to the appliance 

Also, note that clothes dryers need to be periodic to function efficiently. When you call a professional appliance repairer to clean your dryer, they’ll inspect it too. They can identify potential issues before they happen. 

Where to go For Electrical Appliance Repairs in Sydney

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