A Guide for Tenants: What You Need to Know About  Air Conditioning Repairs

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A Guide for Tenants: What You Need to Know About  Air Conditioning Repairs in Sydney – When your air conditioner breaks down unexpectedly in the middle of a hot Sydney summer, it can be an incredibly frustrating and soul-destroying experience. 

Therefore, you must understand air conditioning repairs and your responsibility regarding them to enable you to get the equipment fixed quickly and efficiently. Questions such as, who pays for air conditioner repairs or can you install an air conditioner will inevitably come up, so it is advisable to know your rights and obligations.

Here, we break down all the processes and legalities regarding air conditioner repairs and look at the roles and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in NSW to put you in the know. 

As a Tenant, Can I Repair An Air Conditioner?

No. It is not advisable to repair an air conditioner without first notifying your landlord. In any case, the unit’s repair is their responsibility, and unless he or she has given you written consent agreeing to pay all costs, you could end up footing the bill.

Consult the NSW Fair Trading website for further guidance and to obtain the relevant forms to complete. 

You must notify your landlord of the necessary air conditioning repairs in writing and give them up to 14 days to complete the repairs according to Section 74 of the Residential Tenancies Act (1997).

When Are Air Conditioning Repairs Considered Urgent?

Air conditioning repairs are considered urgent depending on whether there’s a safety issue at hand.

Australian summer heat can be unbearable, especially if you live with children or the elderly with underlying medical conditions. In such cases, these repairs could be considered urgent. However, merely fixing an air-conditioner is not considered an urgent repair according to Section 3 Residential Tenancies Act (1997). 

If you need air conditioning repairs in Sydney, request them immediately from a qualified contractor like Saunders Electrical Group. 

Is It the Landlord That Repairs the Air Conditioner?


The landlord maintains and repairs any appliance or fixture provided within their property, including the air conditioning unit. 

The only exceptions would be – as per Section 68 of the Residential Tenancies Act (1997) – if: 

  • You and your landlord have agreed in your lease that the air-conditioner does not form part of the rented premises.
  • You damaged the air-conditioner and the landlord has given you notice to fix the damage.

What Are the Obligations for Public Housing Tenants?

If you are a public housing tenant, your landlord is the Director of Housing. 

You can request air conditioning repairs: 

  • In writing delivered to the nearest Housing Office
  • Via the online form for non-urgent repairs

What Can a Tenant Do If the Air Conditioning Is Not Properly Fixed?

If the repairs are not completed satisfactorily within 14 days, you can contact the NSW Fair Trading Office to request an inspection of the repairs.

 Suppose they find that the landlord is at fault for not completing adequate air conditioning repairs. In that case, they may request that the landlord re-do the repairs and provide you, the tenant, with a written report of the inspection as per Section 74 of the Residential Tenancies Act (1997).

What If the Landlord Still Doesn’t Complete the Repairs After the Inspection Report?

Suppose you have the inspector’s report, but the landlord still hasn’t completed the air conditioning repairs. In that case, you can apply to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NSW CAT) for a hearing. If you don’t receive the inspection report within 90 days, you can still apply for a tribunal hearing without the inspector’s report.  

What Orders Can the Tribunal Give?

The tribunal can compel the landlord to carry out the necessary air conditioning repairs if they find them in breach of their duty to maintain the property in good condition.

If the landlord still fails to comply, you can renew your to the NSW CAT, explaining that you would like a subsequent hearing as the repairs have not been done. You may also request that your rent be paid to a rent-special account until the repairs have been completed as stipulated in Section 77 of Residential Tenancies Act (1997).

Professional Air Conditioning Repairs in Sydney

Your landlord is obliged to repair a faulty air conditioner and other appliances, fixtures, and fittings provided they are a part of the rental lease agreement, and you did not cause the damage. 

To avoid any problems with your landlord, ensure that you keep a note of every fault that occurs, and f you pay for any repairs, keep the receipts as proof of payment. 

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