Safety Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

Safety Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

Christmas lights safety tips

The holidays are coming up, and that means Christmas decorations are going to be put up again in our houses. Hanging up Christmas lights are the most time-consuming task for the holidays, and also, one of the most dangerous.

Knowing the risks of setting up Christmas lights and the lights themselves are important to prevent injuries to you and your family. In this article, we have put up a list of safety tips for hanging up Christmas inside and outside your home.

Electrical conditions

If you’re going to put up Christmas lights inside your home, make sure to have a safety switch in the switchboard of your home. The switch is called the Residual Current Device (RCD) that quickly breaks an electrical circuit to prevent harm from an ongoing electric shock.

Usually, imbalances happen in the electrical current, because of a broken cord. The device cuts the power off in seconds to prevent electric shock. If you don’t have a RCD in your home, consider calling a professional electrician so they can install it for you.

Christmas lights

Before setting up your Christmas lights from last year, make sure they’re functioning well and free from cracked or frayed cords. Damaged cords or bulbs could cause electrocution when plugged in, or even worse, result in an electric fire. You should dispose of any lights that are damaged.

If you’re going to purchase new Christmas lights, you might take into consideration buying LED lights with epoxy lenses. LED lights are cooler than your old Christmas lights, and consume less electricity, which can save your wallet from a costly electricity bill.

Make sure to buy Christmas lights that have a UL Safety Certification, which means that the lights have been manufactured to meet industry standards for safety from Underwriters Laboratories, a global product safety certification company. Having lights with the UL certifications ensures the safety of the product, so you might as well invest in a UL certified Christmas light for the long run.

Ladder safety

Falls are the biggest factors of injuries at home, so you need to be careful when hanging up Christmas lights. Setting up lights in your home means that you’re going to need a ladder.

Make sure that your ladder doesn’t wobble when you use it. As much as possible, have someone hold the bottom of the ladder. Never tiptoe or over-reach as you might lose your balance. Use a wooden or a fiberglass ladder when hanging Christmas light to prevent electrocution.

Outdoor lights

Having lights outside your house is a great way to show your festive spirit. You have to make sure that wires and cords aren’t in walkways where they might become a tripping hazard. Also, ensure that you plug in your outdoor Christmas lights to a RCD outlet as outdoors wires are exposed to rain or snow to prevent electric shock. If you don’t have an RCD outlet, you should call an electrician to install one.

Electrical power points

If you’re using a lot of lights, of course, you’re going to need more power points. Instead of using double adaptors for extra points, use power boards instead as they are safer. If you’re using them outside, put them in an outdoor safety box.


We hope this article has taught you some important information regarding Christmas lights safety tips. Remember that safety is the number one priority and if you would like more advice then don’t hesitate to contact Saunders Electrical Group on 0423 326 572. Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas!