Electrical Safety for Kids: What All Parents Need to Know

Electrical safety for kids: what all parents need to know

In the present time, electricity is essential for everyone living in the modern world. From lights and appliances to computers and game consoles. You just can’t imagine living in a world with no electricity. Even the vehicles we use for public transportation are powered by electricity. But having contact with electricity in such a way that it is not meant to be, can be very dangerous. Being cautious around electricity is everyone’s responsibility however we’ve put together a guide that focuses on electrical safety for kids.

Outdoor safety

Children like to play outside, but there are electrical hazards outside our home which can be dangerous. There are electricity poles and power lines everywhere. If possible, let your children play in open spaces away from electricity poles and power lines. If your children like flying kites, be careful if your kite gets caught in overhead power lines because live electricity could travel through the string and might hurt you, or your children.

Metal objects

We always come into contact with metal objects every day such as playing with computers and toys. However, metal is a great conductor of electricity so be wary of metal objects around electrical equipment in our houses. Do not put any metal objects in power points or toaster as live electrical travel to your body and harm you.


Water and electricity don’t go well with each other, because water can conduct electricity as electrons flow on the atoms and molecules in water. The reason why electricity passes through our bodies is that our bodies contain water and salt. Keep your electrical equipment from water as it may harm you and your family.

Wall outlets

Wall outlets that aren’t in use should be secured with plastic inserts or using safety outlets that prevent a foreign object from being inserted.

Extension cords

If you’re using extension cords, you can hide them in furniture and you can also use devices that can hide cords. Putting electrical tape over unused plug holes on cords is also essential to hide the cords.

Electricity substations

Electricity substations and electrical equipment can be found anywhere. They can be found behind fences, buildings, and the side of footpaths, and they have danger signs. These substations transform the power generated at power stations so power can be distributed to homes, schools, and other establishments. You can keep safe by obeying warning signs on nearby electricity substations.

Electronic gadgets

Most children charge their phones on their beds, which is extremely dangerous because the device heats up when it charges on the flammable material of the bed which can lead to the battery exploding and catching fire. Let your children refrain from charging their phones on the bed and use the appropriate charger.

Pulling an electrical cord

Pulling the electrical cord may damage the appliance or device, the plug, and the outlet. Instead, you can pull it out by the plug.

Damaged cords

Refrain from using damaged cords as they present a fire hazard and may cause a house fire. Replace damaged cords with new ones to prevent safety hazards.

As a parent, you should be responsible for your children’s activities. Every time your child needs to use an electrical device or appliance, they must be under adult supervision. We hope this article taught you something about electrical safety. Stay safe and remember if you need information about keeping your children safe around electrical equipment then contact us for further advice.