Emergency Electrician Baulkham Hills

Emergency Electrician Baulkam Hills

Need An Emergency Electrician in Baulkham Hills?

Knowing the electrical plan in your house is very essential for every household. The electrical system in your home gives out power to your lights and appliances. In some cases, the electrical system in your house experiences problems that require immediate action.

But no matter how handy you are when it comes to situations like this, emergencies like this can cause a safety risk to you and your family. You can put anyone’s life in danger if you ignore electrical emergencies like this. Luckily, there are professional electricians at Saunders Electrical Group who provide quality assistance for electrical safety.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about common household issues that require a professional electrician and when to call an emergency if it’s a serious electrical emergency.

What are the common electric issues that occur in the house?

Overloaded Outlets
If you put too much effort into a single outlet, it may start to overheat, and eventually burn. Overloaded outlets can leave a brown or black mark on the outlet. Burnt outlets usually cause a more serious electrical problem so it’s better to call a professional electrician to fix the outlet.

Buzzing or humming Breaker Box
The circuit breaker trips and shuts off automatically when it senses problems, to prevent further damage to appliances and electrical systems. However, if the circuit breaker fails to function, noises such as buzzing or hissing come out from the breaker which means that there might be a wire that failed to trip which can cause your electrical system to fail as well.

This could cause a lot of problems with your electrical system. You need to call a professional electrician to correct the malfunctioning circuit breaker.

Power outage
Having no power in your home is more of an inconvenience rather than being an electrical emergency. If your street loses power, you can call the electrical company before calling your emergency electrician, to know the reason why your street had no power.

If there is no good reason why there is no power in your home, there might be a more serious electrical problem that could put your electrical system at risk. If you’re the only one in the neighbourhood without power and you’ve paid your electric bill, you should call an electrician because this can indicate an electric problem.

Light or Appliance problem
If you’re struggling to power up a light or appliance, you should seek professional assistance. If you smell a burning metal or plastic on your appliances, this could cause overheating in the wires that indicate an electrical fire which is a dangerous situation.

Call a professional electrician if situations like this happen in your home.


Here at Saunders Electrical Group can provide commercial and residential assistance in Baulkham Hills, Sydney Hills district, and all Sydney metro areas.

We hope you’ve learned something about electrical emergencies and when to call an emergency electrician. You can call us at 0423 326 572 if you have electrical problems in your home.