Air Conditioning Service Sydney

air conditioning service sydney

Air Conditioning Service Sydney

Summers in Sydney can be incredibly hot, and without the proper HVAC equipment, you may have a hard time of it. However, even if you have AC in the home, you must also plan to properly clean and maintain it with routine air conditioning service Sydney scheduling.

A well-maintained AC unit costs less to run as it works more efficiently, ensures high-quality indoor air for greater health, and suffers fewer breakdowns. This optimal equipment operation subsequently leads to longer equipment lifespans and lower long-term maintenance and repair costs.

There are some easy learning and maintenance routines you can adopt to take care of your home HVAC equipment, specifically your AC unit, to keep it running smoothly, all year round and especially during the sweltering summer months.

Read on to learn more about these five essential AC cleaning and maintenance tips that can save you thousands of dollars throughout the life of your AC unit.

Air Conditioning Service Sydney – Check Your Evaporator Coil’s Drain Pan and Drain Pipe

An evaporator coil is an essential component within your AC unit that holds the refrigerant, which absorbs heat from the air as it passes from the blower compartment. If the evaporator coil malfunctions, your AC unit will lose its ability to cool the air in your home.

A crucial part of maintaining your AC unit involves checking on the evaporator coil and its drain pans and pipes. As these parts can be hard to locate, it is best to call on an HVAC professional to check them and clear them of any mold, mildew, dust, or dirt.

Your technician will suction out the clogged areas, and use bleach to clean them thoroughly. Clogged AC drain lines make up one of the most common air conditioning service Sydney requests, and at Saunders, we recommend cleaning these areas during the spring to ensure your unit’s smooth operation in the summer.

Clean Your Condensing Unit

If you have a wall-mounted air conditioning unit, it most likely has an outdoor heat pump or condensing unit that disperses the heat from your home. These condensing units have metal fins that can frequently get plugged up with dirt, dust, grime, and allergens, which affect their proper operation.

Our HVAC professionals recommend cleaning these units with a hose down at least once a year to keep your air conditioner functioning properly. However, under no circumstances should you use a pressure washer to do the job as doing so risks permanently damaging your air conditioning unit.

Change Your Air Filters Every 1 – 3 Months

Do you remember the last time you replaced the air filters on your AC unit? Changing your disposable air filters is simple and straightforward and keeps your air conditioning unit clean. This cleaning and maintenance tip ensures that you’re the air you breathe is

clean and eliminates particles such as dirt, grease, VOCs, and harmful microbes from your indoor air.
As a rule of thumb, you should ensure that you change your air conditioner’s filters every 1-3 months depending on:

  • How often you use your air conditioner
  • If allergens like pollen are more abundant in the air
  • If you have pets in your home

We highly recommend replacing your existing air filters with MERV 7-11 filters, which don’t reduce your air conditioning unit’s airflow and efficiency. However, if you have a ductless mini-split AC system, you may be required to clean rather than replace the system’s filters.

Clear the Area Around Your AC Unit

A simple but often overlooked maintenance routine is to remove any dirt and particle build up around your AC unit.

If you have an outdoor air conditioner, you should ensure that any leaves and overgrown vegetation are trimmed away from your machine so that they do not jam up any components. Indoor units must be placed in a clean and dry area with no furniture fixtures blocking the airflow.

Ensure that your unit has plenty of clearance of approximately 2 feet on all sides to stop your air conditioner’s condensing units from clogging up. While you’re at it, wiping down your AC unit with a damp-dry cloth doesn’t hurt as it avoids dirt from building up and forming a fine film on your machine.

Call in a Sydney HVAC Professional for Routine AC Maintenance

Finally, do not neglect to carry out professional AC maintenance every spring and autumn.

We recommend having one of the licensed and insured HVAC professionals from Saunders Electrical Group come in and perform preventative AC maintenance, which will protect your asset, reduce emergency breakdowns, and increase your unit’s lifespan.

When you call in a Saunders Electrical professional for routine AC maintenance, they will perform professional maintenance routines such as:

  • Changing or cleaning air filters
  • Checking refrigerant levels and refilling them if necessary
  • Checking your AC unit’s drainage system and drain pan
  • Flushing the evaporator coils
  • Testing the unit’s voltage on motors
  • Vacuuming the blower compartments

An HVAC professional has the expertise and experience to efficiently and quickly carry out these complex tasks to ensure that your AC unit remains in peak condition. We recommend carrying out these checks and maintenance routines in the spring to ensure that your unit is ready for the demanding summer months.

Bottom Line When Looking at An Air Conditioning Service Sydney

As you’ve seen cleaning and maintain your AC isn’t hard, but there are some jobs that only an HVAC professional can perform.

At Saunders Electrical Group, we have a team of trusted, experienced, and reliable HVAC professionals, serving residents in the Sydney Metro, Sydney Hills, and Baulkham Hills areas. Our uniformed, security-vetted, and licensed AC repair and maintenance technicians know how essential your AC is to your indoor comfort and aim to deliver services professionally, promptly, and cost-effectively.

We are available 24/7 for unforeseen AC breakdowns for your ultimate peace of mind. Additionally, we offer a cost-effective AC maintenance service that enables you to catch potential problems before they become major inconveniences.

Contact us online today or call 1300 993 560 now to schedule air conditioning service in Sydney and the surrounding areas.